An All-Inclusive home organizing experience for busy women


Wouldn't it be nice, if everything was magically organized for you?



If you could find just what you need, right at the time you need it. If you knew exactly where to put something "away", so that you could always find it again... and you kind of loved doing it, because your closets and cabinets look SO good!?

That's where I come in!

I believe as we define our homes, our homes also define us.

Our surroundings have a huge effect on our mental and emotional states -and we want to be as calm, clear and grounded as possible, right?


I know I do - especially at home.

When your home is set up and organized in a way that is intentional and styled to an aesthetic you enjoy: you feel better, you think more clearly and you accomplish more. 

Michelle Jones, Founder


You're being pulled in multiple directions + you feel like you have zero time left to organize anythingYou're tired, and ready for a tall glass of wine fizzy water.


Michelle was a force of positivity, professionalism, and efficiency.

She helped us to get our pantry in order and it looks like a store! I can actually find all those random ingredients! I love it and I recommend her with the highest regard. She knows so many tips and tricks to help you organize your life. (Plus she is fun.)

- Rachel Kuniansky Varon, Graphic Designer, Bloomington