YOU are not a hot mess...

but your home might be making you feel that way.

You show up for your people.


You’re killing it in your career.

You’re creating the life of your dreams. 

...but for some reason, your house looks like a disaster and it leaves you thinking, 


“Ugh, this is so frustrating! Why can’t I figure this out? (Here it comes,) I am such a hot mess."

Kitchen Sink

The best part?

You don't have to lift a finger, if you don't want to.

All Inclusive, In Home organizing is my specialty.

You're being pulled in multiple directions + you feel like you have zero time left to organize anything.



Hey there!

I'm Michelle and I firmly believe that as we define our homes, our homes also define us.

Imagine for just a second, what it would be like to know exactly where to find what you need... 99% of the time -How much time would that save you?

Sound like a dream? Now imagine how you might feel if, even behind closed doors, your organizing systems, not only worked, they also looked good!

Sorted Organizer creates simple + beautiful systems that are easy for you to maintain and compliment your interior design style. 

It all starts with a free discovery call.

Your time is precious and in high demand.

Michelle was a force of positivity, professionalism, and efficiency.

She helped us to get our pantry in order and it looks like a store! I can actually find all those random ingredients! I love it and I recommend her with the highest regard. She knows so many tips and tricks to help you organize your life. (Plus she is fun.)

- Rachel Varon, Bloomington

More than 100% better.

Everything is nicely organized and arranged and also looks good! I was amazed by how much Michelle was able to fit in a very basic closet. We were able to get rid of our dresser because she maximized every inch of space in there.

I actually like looking at my closet now!

- Jennifer R., Bloomington