the best part?

You don't have to lift a finger, if you don't want to.

All Inclusive, In Home organizing is my specialty.


Hey, Hi!

I'm Michelle.

I'm the Founder of Sorted Organizer and I firmly believe that as we define our homes, our homes also define us. 


YOU are not a hot mess...

but your home might be.

It’s cute and funny to say, “Omg, I’m a hot mess, you should see my house!” But the fact is,

You’re creating the life of your dreams. It’s fulfilling — and a little hectic! 

You’re killing it in your career.

You show up for your people.

You are fabulous <— Read that again!  (It’s a fact.)


But for some reason, your house looks like a disaster and that makes you feel crappy — thinking, “Shouldn’t I be able to be on top of this, too?! Why can’t I figure this out?”

Modern Interior Design

You're being pulled in multiple directions + you feel like you have zero time left to organize anythingYou're tired, and ready for a tall glass of wine fizzy water.

Michelle was a force of positivity, professionalism, and efficiency.

She helped us to get our pantry in order and it looks like a store! I can actually find all those random ingredients! I love it and I recommend her with the highest regard. She knows so many tips and tricks to help you organize your life. (Plus she is fun.)

- Rachel Kuniansky Varon, Bloomington