"It's about time."

I make organizing easy so my clients can experience how much more time - for business and pleasure - organized spaces can create. 


Michelle Jones | Founder

Michelle Jones, Owner + Lead Organizer serving Fort Wayne, Indiana


It's not how much stuff you have that matters- not really.

What matters is that you have the right stuff! (cue: NKOTB) And that stuff is adding to your pleasure, not causing you stress.

In most cases, some curating is involved, so that you're only making space for (+ spending your energy on) the things that make your life better or functional in some way. 

This is not your average decluttering service; minimalism is not a requirement.

  It was the best money I have spent in a long while and I highly recommend Sorted. 

My experience with Michelle at Sorted was wonderful. Initially, the project was to organize closets; however, it evolved into the entire house. I was very surprised how organizing my home, led to organizing my work life....it makes you think about tackling projects in a much more efficient manner. By watching and listening to her, I learned many skills to make organizing an ongoing process and part of my everyday routine. 

-Private Client, Bloomington

 She truly calmed our chaotic storm of having too much “stuff” and organized things in a practical and simple way to ensure that we stayed organized.


We hired Michelle several months ago to organize our entire house and it has been life changing! We did: laundry room, kitchen, pantry, hall closet, office, dining room, 3 kids rooms, master closet and bathroom, basement-including 2 storage rooms. Every session we systematically worked together to sort through things, helping me decide what was necessary to keep, throw away and donate. The way she organized and labeled things, ie kitchen drawers, pantry, kids’ toys and crafts, has made it so easy to stay organized!!! She was such a pleasure to work with and has a true gift of organizing.

-Katie, Bloomington

Fort Wayne-based, Professional Organizer, Michelle Jones sets up a display case at Alibi.

Owner/ Founder/ Organizer


Virgo, Food + Fitness nerd and acrylic painting hobbyist living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I'm pretty much obsessed with creating simple, practical and stylized spaces, so we gals can focus on living our best lives in pursuit of the people (+ things) that we love!


My best life            Lots of

time with my family, experimental cooking with plant-based foods, jogging, yoga + lots of reading on the couch time!