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The world around us is now busier than ever and depending on how involved you are, your mind is likely also busier than ever!  are I believe that you, your home and your lifestyle demands deserve custom solutions designed exclusively for you. So while, I don't adhere to a specific organizing trend or philosophy, ie. KonMari or Minimalism, I respect each and use some of their concepts in my work.


You can be a maximalist as long as you have the space for it. You can fold impeccably, or "good enough", depending on what is suited to your personality and is manageable for you to maintain.


Did you just exhale, relief? You're not alone. Organizing is not about perfection. It's about finding what works for you, simplifying your life and making space for the things that matter most to you.


Sorted Organizer will do whatever it takes to help you reclaim your home and make it a place to feel beautiful, alive and creative! Ready to get started? Every project starts with a Free Discovery Call.


You've been thinking about "getting organized" for awhile now. You've probably started and stopped working on your messy space a few times, only to get frustrated and walk away from it, yet again. 

You just don't know where to put

Here's the thing: I love organizing and re-imagining spaces. I love knowing that something has a place where it belongs so that I can find it when I need it and I can put it away easily. 

Beyond working iwth you, I love quiet


Working with me is an all-inclusive, luxury organizing experience, done for you or done with you, based on your unique habits + lifestyle.


I specialize in setting up kitchens + pantries, closets and offices, so you can be your most productive and natural self, giving little thought to locating items or where + how to put them away. Many of the projects I work on are whole home, multi-space projects, including organizing, space planning and occasionally installing new closet systems, based on your needs and the layout of your home and storage spaces.


Did you know it takes 25 minutes to refocus after a distraction? It's no wonder you have so many unfinished projects lying around!

We live in a shiny object society where "busy" is our M.O. and constant distractions demand our attention.

Ready for one less thing on your plate?

working with me is easy

  It was the best money I have spent in a long while and I highly recommend Sorted. 

My experience with Michelle at Sorted was wonderful. Initially, the project was to organize closets; however, it evolved into the entire house. She had great ideas and it was very affordable. I was very surprised how organizing my home, led to organizing my work makes you think about tackling projects in a much more efficient manner. Michelle is very patient and an excellent teacher. By watching and listening to her, she taught me many skills to make organizing an ongoing process and part of my everyday routine. She was also very accommodating to my schedule and needs.

-Private Client, Bloomington

 She truly calmed our chaotic storm of having too much “stuff” and organized things in a practical and simple way to ensure that we stayed organized.


We hired Michelle several months ago to organize our entire house and it has been life changing! We did: laundry room, kitchen, pantry, hall closet, office, dining room, 3 kids rooms, master closet and bathroom, basement-including 2 storage rooms. Every session we systematically worked together to sort through things, helping me decide what was necessary to keep, throw away and donate. The way she organized and labeled things, ie kitchen drawers, pantry, kids’ toys and crafts, has made it so easy to stay organized!!! She was such a pleasure to work with and has a true gift of organizing.

-Katie, Bloomington

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 Virgo, Food + Fitness nerd and acrylic painting hobbyist.

I'm pretty much obsessed with creating simple, practical and stylized spaces that allow you (+ your loved ones!) to focus on living your best life. For me, that looks like lots of yummy food and fitness, time with my husband + lots of couch time! I work hard and I rest hard.