I'm Michelle. 

[Owner + Lead Organizer]


I once saw an inspirational poster that said,

Be who you are, be who you want to be, make those the same thing

Sounds simple enough, right?


Sometimes, not so much. We are so often pulled into this project or that project and then distracted by another project that completely leaves the initial project forgotten or at least, set aside "for now". This is ALL a direct result of disorganization in our homes (which, I am sure you know, leads to MORE MESS)!

I believe as we define our homes, our homes also define us. If we live in chaos our minds tend toward chaos. So when a home is designed and organized in a way that is intentional and styled to an aesthetic you enjoy, you feel better, you think more clearly and you accomplish more.


I'm here to do whatever it takes to help you reclaim your home and make it a place to feel beautiful, alive and creative! Let's get your organizing project Sorted.