• Michelle Jones

Um, Yeah. Yes!!! You do.

Do you have a closet/bedroom/bathroom that looks like it was hit by a tornado? If so, you are not alone.

There's also a crazy, simple Sorted solution to help get those clothes off the floor.

The other day, I was standing in line at IKEA - not the cashiers line, the furniture pick up line - and in this particular instance, I waited for over an hour, so I had time to chat with some of the other individuals in the line. One woman got to chatting with me about Bloomington, IN (where I live) and how she travels here for work, and then she asked me, "What do you do for a living?"

Oh, I'm a home organizer. None of these things (in my very full cart) are actually mine. I shop for my clients.

Her: Oooh, I should hire you! My closet is such a mess...(pause)... I probably need a hamper.

Me: Yes!!! It will immediately tidy up your space and give you a cleaner look. Not to mention that it's just so much easier to get your clothing to the laundry room, when you have a dedicated container for carrying it!

Why do so many people overlook this simple + affordable solution?! The addition of a hamper helps you a) wrangle your dirty clothes, so you can only focus on getting dressed in clean clothes b) tidy up your closet/bedroom/bathroom, you feel good in the space and c) simplifies your laundry process.

I'm often shocked at how many women and couples do not have a hamper.

Just in case you're thinking, "Hi, that's me." I could use a hamper. I've rounded up my 3 favorites, so you can choose one that suits your design, budget + taste.

Left to Right: Joss + Main, Target, Container Store *None of these are affiliate links, I've used each for clients with good results.

Now if you're thinking, Michelle, I have a hamper. It's full. My hang bar is jammed to capacity and my closet is just too small!!! You'll want to check out my Spring Clearing email series - I talk about how to create more space in your closet with Seasonal Switch Outs, among other things, and if you have a reach in closet, Re-Imagine your Reach In, tackles this challenge, specifically.

Where's the best place to keep your hamper?

Keep your hamper wherever you're taking off your clothing.

The most common places are the closet, bedroom + bathroom. Choose one you think is cute and that fits your design style.

So there you have it: Get a hamper + Get your clothes off the floor!

And just in case you are the gal who wears something once and throws it on a chair, because you're not ready to wash it, but don't want to fold it and put it back in with the clean clothes, I love this wall hanger from IKEA.

One more thing: A laundry basket is not a hamper.

Updated: Mar 6

What's your Shopping Obsession?

Me? I have a thing about denim. I grew up wanting a pair that fit exactly like the 501's on the original BH 90210... At the time, I didn't know they were tailored to fit those women, so I became a hunter + collector of the best fitting jeans.

I pretty much spend my life in a uniform: black tank, cardigan or jacket and - you guessed it - jeans. I've thinned out my collection over the years, but my love for denim has never faded. When you look at my closet, it's a sea of black and blue and it suits me perfectly!

But (believe it or not) we're not really here to talk about what I'm wearing. We're here to talk about the things in our closets that we are not wearing. Ever.

We're here to talk about paying more attention to what we're bringing into our homes and closets and why.

My closet used to hold a lot more than my collection of jeans and black tank tops. Every time I went shopping, I'd find myself drawn to bold + bright patterns. I'd bring them home, put them in my closet - and look at them.

Because every time I tried to wear them, I felt like someone else. I loved surrounding myself with beautiful colors - I just didn't seem to love putting them on my body.

Why did I keep spending money on clothes I wouldn't wear?

Because of consumerism. And because I love fashion. And because of "best intentions".

And then one day, I realized💡: Hey, I always feel good in denim and a black top. I can merchandise my basics with some earrings and a colorful watch or a jacket of some kind. I thought:Why shouldn't I be spending the majority of my days in the outfits that make me feel my best? (Duh.) I should accept and embrace my style for what it is - one of the few times you'll catch me saying "should" - and I so I began to curate my closet's contents to reflect this reality.

I know you can relate to this, but have you really thought about it: Is your obsession supporting you? Does it make you feel good, or not so much? If this is resonating,

The next time you're shopping, for anything, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I love this? Like, really love it?

Does it go with the things I already have?

Can I imagine myself wearing it this week?

Am I dying to get into it the second I get home?

Do I already have something like this - is this better?

Do I have room for this in my closet?

*Even when buying out of necessity or for an occasion, it's best practice to ask yourself these questions.

My Take:

Be intentional about what you're bringing home.

Did you catch that?

I'm not saying, "Don't shop." I'm saying, "Shop well!"

The only reason Sorted Organizer will ever encourage you to get rid of something is if you a) Truly do not have the space for it or b) You answer "Meh" to any of the above questions.

Are you aware of your personal style? Do your shopping habits and closet contents reflect that?