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reach in closet

Learn how to transform your dingy, old + overstuffed Reach In Closet into a luxurious and beautifully organized space
*that you're obsessed with*
in just 5 days, with minimal time  + financial investment!

abby says,

"I am loving my closet! It's so much cleaner ...  I am feeling very, very good!"


imagine what it would be like if you could...

you can.

Create the closet of your dreams in 5 days - not "someday" or "when you can afford your dream home". Do it this week! 

you can.

Work with your existing reach in closet structure to maximize your space and showcase your gorgeous style without buying a fancy new closet system?​​

Do it all on your own time, on your own budget, with professional guidance and customized product recommendations to fit your current budget...

you can!

"I love my closet! I hung the hook and I’ve laid out my clothes and even shoes and jewlery the night before. Someone asked if I had to start dressing up with my new job and I said, 'No I can just be fancy now because I can see everything I own.' Michelle is amazing!"

-Amy M.


Are you ready to Re-Imagine your reach in and transform it into a luxurious + beautifully organized closet?

Then you're in the right place.
Reach in Closet Re-Imagined is the course for working with your existing closet and your current budget to design a closet reflective of your gorgeous style, in exactly 5 days.
You've worked your whole life to collect the amazing pieces of clothing and accessories that are uniquely yours.
It would be amazing if you could see everything at a glance, and easily access your favorite items when putting simple outfits together, but what you have are hangers smashed together and piles on the floor (that you can't even see, because they're under the abundance of hanging clothes)! 
You've tried some things you've seen on Pinterest, but they didn't really create the impact you were hoping for.
This is for you if you thought you had to suffer your crappy outdated or rental closet for another 1-3 years. The product recommendations in this course are budget friendly and you can afford to fix it today!
I'm Michelle Jones, Professional Organizer specializing in simple, practical + stylized organizing solutions to create more ease and flow in your day to day life.
I've spent a lifetime honing systems that work and the last 3 years sharing those systems with clients through all-inclusive, luxury home organizing services. Now, I'm taking that expertise + experience to show you how to Re-Imagine your Reach In closet at a fraction of the cost of my In-Home service, so you can feel as amazing as you are, each time you open your closet.
And trust me, you'll be opening it more and more after this transformation!

If you're wondering, "Whatever happened to make the best of what you've got? I can't afford to start from scratch right now!" Then, consider this your first upgrade. 

Here's what you'll get:

daily emails for 5 days

Day 1: Motivation

Day 2: Purge + Curate

Day 3: Re-Imagine your Space

Day 4: Purchase your Products

Day 5: Placement Party

workbook prompts to identify your motivation + your closet style

Motivation can be tricky -but tapping into it is 100% possible.

Learn how to identify what's holding you back from the closet of your dreams, and determine exactly what you need to change as you Re-Imagine your space.

3 page product guide + links!

Included are 3 different, budget friendly options for each type of product, because I know, you like choices to fit your style!


Folding Tutorials and 

Hanging vs. Folding Items

Created for you by

Michelle Jones, Owner 

[SO][IMG]Michelle Jones Headshot.png

Hi, I'm Michelle! Virgo, Food + Fitness nerd and acrylic painting hobbyist.

I'm pretty much obsessed with creating simple, practical and stylized spaces that allow you (+ your loved ones!) to focus on living your best life! For me, that looks like lots of yummy food and fitness + time with my husband (+time on the couch!) ... I work hard and I rest hard.

I believe our environment plays a critical role in our ability to focus, in our ability to create, and in how we feel on a moment to moment basis.

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