Imagine how it would feel to finally get that room, closet or cabinet, the one that's been driving you bananas for longer than you care to admit, sorted, organized + styled for you.


Pretty much everything.

I do it all so you don't have to miss a beat!

I take care of any and all planning related to your project, so you can focus on living your life and stop constantly obsessing over the reorganization of it.

I choose organizing products that will best suit your project, based on your needs and style. I buy them for you, use them to organize your belongings and then set them up to complement your style + decor. 

I coordinate with other contractors and service providers (think: painting or wall installations), to ensure that the project is done to your standards and expectations.

I leave you with a tidier home every time. All donations, trash and returns leave with me, so you're left with your Sorted + Organized spaces. 


Single Space Projects start at $480

Multi-Space Projects start at $940

Move-In Setups start at $940

Your time is precious and in high demand.

Everything I need is beautifully displayed and organized, so I can concentrate on being creative rather than spending precious morning time sorting through items.

Tashera, Bloomington