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If you're worried about whether you'll be able to keep everything looking as fantastic as it looks today, don't be!

Continue to invest in yourself and your newly organized space, by adding monthly OR quarterly maintenance visits from your organizer and keep your home SORTED. 

...because let's be real:
getting organized is one thing.
Staying organized is quite another!


  • Maintaining Organizing Systems

  • Coordination with Cleaners + Pre-clean Tidying

  • Mail + Paper Management

  • Folding + Putting away Laundry

  • Gift Wrapping + Holiday Cards

  • Holiday + Seasonal Decorating

*Requires a 3-Month Minimum Commitment


1 Visit per Month: $170
2 Visits per Month: $323
​4 Visits per Month: $520

[Visits are 2 hours each and renewed every 3 months.]

*Payment is recurring and automatically extracted from your payment method of choice on the 1st of each month to ensure your time on my calendar is exclusively available to you at the same time each week.


 Quarterly maintenance is designed to reassess your organizing systems and make sure they're still supporting you. After all, we designed them to make your day to day responsibilities move more seamlessly, so you have fewer things to think about - and you can put your groceries or dishes, even your kids toys, away on autopilot. 

*You're eligible for a Reset if we've worked together in the past year. 
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 10.57.21 AM.png

Sorted | One Offs

Things accumulate and change slowly in your life; you'll schedule your reset as needed.

Pay in full when scheduling your reset.

$500/ day

Folding Clothes

Sorted | Year Round

You know you will need regular attention to your spaces, because your needs are regularly changing.

Full Year Commitment

Pay monthly to budget for 1 full day reset each quarter.

$170/ month 

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