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Imagine how it would feel to walk into your new home and have everything unpacked, sorted, organized + styled for you in 2 weeks or less.


Pretty much everything.

I do it all so you don't have to miss a beat!


I get to know you and your needs prior to setting up each space in your new home.


A little intention goes a long way in setting up your home to support your daily lifestyle.


I choose organizing products that will best suit your project, based on your needs and style. I buy them for you, use them to organize your belongings and then set them up to complement your style + decor. 


I coordinate with other service providers (think: painting or wall installations), to ensure that the project is done to your standards and expectations.


I unpack all of your boxes, sort and categorize the items and put them away with products we've chosen that fit your space, so you're left with your Sorted + Organized spaces. 

I started working with Michelle in the spring to get ready for my move. She helped me get every room, closet, and my garage organized and packed so that when moving day came, it was quick and made the setup of my new home much more manageable. Once I was I moved into my new home she helped me dive into each room and made sure everything was set up and organized!

Jennifer, Bloomington

Sorted Closet: New home unpacked, setup (+styled) and organized.


Prepping for your Move

Declutter and Discard: $510/Day

Days needed are determined by the size of your home.

After the Boxes Arrive

40 HOURS in 2 weeks: $3400

60 HOURS in 2 weeks: $5500

Closet Design

(...for when the master closet or pantry seems like it was made for someone who had nothing in common with you)

Stay Sorted

All existing and prior clients gain access to monthly and quarterly maintenance plan options to keep you sorted after the close of your project.

Choose one, mix and match based on your needs or get the Sorted treatment and go all in with all three!


It all starts with a free discovery call.

I understand that your time is precious and in high demand! This is a 15 minute face to face call, to ensure we are a good fit, before scheduling your in home consultation!

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