pep talks


VIRTUAL support

You have the time and energy to organize and style your space. What you need is direction, motivation and support.


This 30 minute PEP TALK will give you all of that plus​ a product list (with links to buy) and a comfortable 14 days to complete your project with real time support from your organizer!

I can't wait to work with Michelle again! She is professional and creative and provided several recommendations to help me maximize the odd-sized closet space I was dealing with. - Caroline S.


What's Included?

  • Quick + easy pre-call questionairre to make sure our call is focused and productive
  • 30 minute Zoom call on the morning you kick off your project
  • Space optimization ideas + product recommendations to organize and style your space
  • A guide to identify what motivates you and how to keep your momentum
  • My go to tips for deciding what to keep vs. what to toss or donate 
  • 2 weeks of unlimited Voxer support from Michelle while you sort, organize and style your project
  • A follow up email after 30 days to see how your project turned out!

Investment: $250

need a pep talk?

This is for you if

  • You have at least 3 hours each week to work on your project and you are excited about finally getting Sorted!
  • You are focusing on one space in your home.
  • You tried buying organizing products, but the results didn't turn out how you hoped.
  • You need someone to help keep you motivated while you work.