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  • Michelle Jones

5 Sorted Tips to Organizing your Garage this Spring

Over the years I've come to love organizing garages. They tend to be large, but mostly uncomplicated, puzzles.

And a tidy garage,

👉one that is organized with cohesive systems and fits your car(s),

👉one you can walk freely in and know just which tote to open to find your seasonal decor, because it's clearly labelled,

… is extremely gratifying.

In this post, I'm sharing what I consider to be the 5 most important factors for an organized and visually cohesive garage.

#1 - When desiging your layout, Consider accessibility.

IE. If you have a small garage and you'd like to store your car it it, but it's a tight fit, then consider the space you need to open your car doors and keep that space open when creating your organizing plan.

You can still use the wall to hang items and add your shelving around it, like we did here:

(Shown:Rubbermaid Fast Track Rail and Muscle Rack)

#2 - Stick to the walls and go vertical (UP) when you can!

For tools, bikes and machinery, I love the Rubbermaid Fast Track system. For shelving, it’s Muscle Racks Metro Shelving or The Container Store’s Elfa system.

# 3 - Get matching containers for visual consistency and use labels.

I love the Sterilite containers with the purple handles and the Sterilite Latch and Carry line -I've found both at Menards and both are linked on my SHOP page.

A little tip I've learned over the years: If you organize and you do not label, you are setting yourself up to fail.

It may seem plain and obvious to you in the present moment, but if you fast forward 3 years: no label =

wondering, "what the heck did I put in that tote?";

"where can I find those furniture slides?" Who the heck knows!

Trust me on this: Labels are your friend. I prefer to use chalk board labels for consistency and ease of changing them as needed.

# 4 - Zone it out.

Keep your Lawn and Garden items together, your memento boxes together, your craft supplies and/ or seasonal decor together to avoid (or at least narrow down options) getting a case of the "where the heck did I put the..."-s!

When you have zones and your put like items together, its so much easier to find things.

Even if you -ahem- didn't put it back quite, exactly where it belongs, 👀 I see you.

# 5 - Finally and perhaps most important, Always keep the following question TOP of Mind: When and how do I use this?

  • Often? Keep it close.

  • Rarely? Store it up high.

  • Outside? Keep it near the garage door.

Sorted Garages happen between March 1st and May 31st, I'm currently booking for April 2022 - You can schedule your free discovery call here!

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