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  • Michelle Jones

You really need this item in your life| The Hamper Edition

Do you really need a hamper? I'm gonna go on record and say, Yes! Yes, you do.

If you have a closet/bedroom/bathroom that looks like it was hit by a tornado, you are not alone. If this is you and you don't have a hamper? Wha- Girl, Get one. It's a guaranteed, inexpensive, crazy simple solution that will get (at least some of) your clothes off the floor.

Note: A hamper is not a laundry basket. You're classier than that.

The other day, I was standing in line at IKEA - not the cashiers line, the furniture pick up line - and in this particular instance, I waited for over an hour, so I had time to chat with some of the other individuals in the line. One woman got to chatting with me about Bloomington, IN (where I live) and how she travels here for work, and then she asked me, "What do you do for a living?"

Me: Oh, I'm a home organizer. None of these things (in my very full cart) are actually mine. I shop for my clients.

Her: Oooh, I should hire you! My closet is such a mess... pause... I probably need a hamper.

Me: Oh yeah, definitely. Such a simple item with a major impact!

I'm frequently surprised by how many women and couples do not have a hamper.

Why do so many people overlook this simple + affordable solution?! The addition of a hamper helps you

  1. wrangle your dirty clothes, so you can only focus on getting dressed in clean clothes.

  2. tidy up your closet/bedroom/bathroom so the space feels nice and spacious.

  3. simplify your laundry process.

If you're thinking, 🙋‍♀️ "Hi, that's me." I could use a hamper. I've rounded up my 3 favorite s, so you can choose one that suits your design, budget + taste.

Left to Right: Joss + Main, Target, Container Store *None of these are affiliate links, I've used each for clients with good results.

Now if you're thinking, Michelle, I have a hamper. It's full. My hang bar is jammed to capacity and my closet is just too small!!! You'll want to first check to make sure everything in your closet is in alignment with your personal style and that you're only making space for things you love. Once you've done that and your closet still needs some love, Pep Talks were created to get my eyes on your specific situation and to provide you with a plan of action.

Since we're talking about it, you might be wondering, Where's the best place to keep my hamper?"

The most common places are the closet, bedroom + bathroom. It doesn't really matter as long as you keep your hamper wherever you're taking off your clothing. Keep it simple! Wherever you keep it, make sure you choose one that matches your decor/ design aesthetic.

Get a hamper + Get your clothes off the floor!

* A laundry basket is not a hamper.

A final note: Some people do not like putting a once worn, but not technically dirty item back on a hanger. Don't throw that item on the floor or over a chair, instead, try something like this wall hanger from IKEA.

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