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  • Michelle Jones

How do you create your dream closet? You start by embracing your Unique, Personal Style...

Do you have a Shopping Obsession? Most women do. I do.

I have a thing about denim. I grew up wanting a pair that fit exactly like the 501's on the original Beverly Hills 90210. Now, I risk dating myself by saying this, but during the original airing of the show, I was in middle school + high school. I didn't know about tailors yet, so I became a hunter + collector of the best fitting jeans... and it has stuck with me.

If you know me personally or you follow me on Instagram, you know that I pretty much spend my life in a uniform: black tank, cardigan or jacket and - you guessed it - jeans. I've thinned out my collection over the years, but my love for denim has never faded. My closet is a sea of black and blue and it suits me perfectly.

But (believe it or not) we're not here to talk about what I'm wearing.

We're here to talk about the items in our closets that we are not wearing. Ever.

We're here to talk about paying more attention to what we're bringing into our homes and closets and why.

My closet used to hold a lot more than my collection of jeans and black tank tops. Every time I went shopping, I'd find myself drawn to bold + bright patterns, to color. I'd buy things, bring them home, put them in my closet - and look at them.

Because every time I tried to wear them, I felt like someone else. I loved surrounding myself with beautiful colors - I just didn't seem to love putting them on my body.

So, Why did I keep spending money on clothes I wouldn't wear?

Sound familiar? Stay with me.

I don't do that anymore. And you don't have to either!

One day, after trying on 10 outfits, getting frustrated and ending up in what outfit? A black tank top and jeans? You guessed it. Right then and there, I had a💡moment:

Hey, I always feel good (comfortable, together, classic) in denim and a black top. And if/ when I want to, I can merchandise my basics with some earrings and a colorful watch or a jacket of some kind.

Why wouldn't I be spending the majority of my days in the outfits that make me feel my best? (Duh.) I should accept and embrace my style for what it is - this is one of the few times you'll catch me saying "should" - and I so I began to curate my closet's contents to reflect this reality.

So how do you start embracing your personal style and create your dream closet? You start by asking yourself how you want to feel.

If you want to create your Dream Closet, the first step is to make sure it's carefully being filled with items you love. Items you feel good in and that are an extension of your personality.

Once you figure that out, your shopping habits and closet contents will begin to reflect it.

Be intentional about what you're bringing home.

Did you catch that?

I'm not saying, "Don't shop." I'm saying, "Shop well!"

Yes, Michelle, but how do I do that? Next time you're out shopping or you're in your closet with "nothing to wear", try asking yourself the following questions before "adding to cart":

Do I love this? Like, really love it?

Does it go with the things I already have?

Can I imagine myself wearing it this week?

Am I dying to get into it the second I get home?

Do I already have something like this - is this better?

Do I have room for this in my closet?

*Even when buying out of necessity or for an occasion, it's best practice to ask yourself these questions.

Got the personal style piece down, but still a little fuzzy on creating your dream closet? Pep Talks are designed to help you get real about your belongings and help you maximize your closet space.

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